Whoever has gold makes the rules.
Gold is money,
everything else is credit.

Affordable physical 24kt 999.9 gold bullion in 0.1g to 5g weights
FREE Storage or Secure FexEx delivery to 125 countries


Karatbars International was founded in 2011. The company specialises in the sale of small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion.

The headquarters and the logistics centre is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communication, execution and delivery of orders. Headquarters also co-ordinates the opening of new countries throughout the globe. Deliveries are packaged under video surveillance at the headquarters and shipped daily via FedEx. Gold Production is Nadir Gold from Turkey.

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or a college graduation – it is always the right occasion to give our Special Karatbar.

Individuals looking for something special will find it in the Branding Karatbar from Karatbars. We create it to your exact ideas and specifications. There is no minimum purchase because something exclusive should remain exclusive. Shopping for the perfect gift for a special occasion or simply to say “Thank you!“ is easy with Karatbars. Have a look at our products where you can find some of the latest ideas from our range. Click here for our PRODUCT BROCHURE

Karatbars – How Does It Work?

If you are considering becoming either a Karatbars customer or affiliate, first and foremost, we would like to assure you that Karatbars is not a pyramid scheme, ponzi scheme or MLM. Karatbars International GmbH is a completely legal and fully registered company based in Germany, a country which has some of the strictest business laws in the world. Karatbars is classified as an “E-commerce” company, a category also recognized and regulated by the World Trade Organisation. Karatbars has been in existence since 2011 and has consistently met or exceeded all laws and guidelines applicable to the industry.


Through its affiliate program, Karatbars International now operates in 125 countries worldwide.


In order to purchase Karatbars gold online, you must first register by creating a free account and then place orders for their gold. You also have the option to become an affiliate member, refer others, then earn commissions on sales in a variety of ways, at various rates.


There are no purchase requirements from the company, no capital investments in the company, nor any sponsorship requirements. Unlike with Multi-Level Marketing schemes (MLM), Karatbars affiliates do not purchase gold for re-sale to friends and family, nor do they maintain an inventory of any products for re-sale in order to earn their commissions. This is ALL handled by Head Office.


If you truly understand the steadily diminishing worth of paper money or “fiat currencies” and the timeless value and purchasing power of gold, then we believe it is time to empower yourself and take personal control over your wealth and financial future by getting out from under the debt based fiat currency system. One can easily begin to do this by converting paper and digital money into affordable, portable, storable and usable Karatbars gold bullion: real gold currency!

How to become a Karatbars Customer or Affiliate

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a part of Karatbars for FREE. A FREE account for life, with NO subscription fees, NO membership fees and NO obligation … EVER!


You can  buy as much or as little gold as you like. 0.1 gram to 5 gram. you can buy €10,000 worth if you like!! Karatbars will then either store it securely for you with Prosegur or they deliver by Fedex. All storage and delivery information is on the site.


You earn commissions if you refer others to Karatbars.. There is NO requirement to purchase anything, nor are you asked to personally sell gold or other products. Becoming an affiliate member, and thereby, becoming eligible to earn greater commissions, is entirely voluntary.


Karatbars’ CASHGOLD will change our way of living. Cashgold comes in 4 different weight values of gold – 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g and 0.6g. You can load your KaratPay Wallet, and be able to pay for purchases using your gold via the KaratPAY app.


We make it easy for you to build up your stock of CASHGOLD for a rainy day.

Each CASHGOLD will be protected against counterfeiting due to the use of state-of-the-art visible and invisible security features, which are extremely safe against fraud.

You can load your KaratPay Wallet with your cashgold, and pay for purchases using the KaratPAY app.

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Karatbars International GmbH Management Team

Harald Seiz

CEO & Founder

Thomas Brenner

Director – International Operations

Martina Tag

Chief Operating Officer

Farnaz Jahandideh

Human Resources

Jasmin Schwellinger

Assistant of CEO & COO

Thomas Valet

Project Manager

Karatbars – Global Members

Karatbars International has over 500,000 customers and affiliates.
Here are just a few of the BIG names known to people around the globe.

Cherylanne Gober

Nashville, USA

Tammy Morrison


Michael Dalcoe


Brian McGinty

Gold Director Elite, UK

A true rag to riches story, Brian now spends his time helping his 15,000+ customers and affiliates all over the world.

Nitsa Nakos

Gold Director Elite, British Columbia

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